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Beetlejuice - The Musical at Orpheum TheatreBeware the chill in the air, growls of ghastly ghosts and ghouls! Born from the nightmarish mind of Tim Burton, Beetlejuice – The Musical is descending upon Omaha, Nebraska at the ominous Orpheum Theatre on Jan 30–Feb 4, 2024. Directed by two-time Tony Award winner Alex Timbers, this Broadway adaptation of the cult classic film will plunge you into a world of marvelous macabre! Scheme along with the mysterious Beetlejuice (Justin Collette) as he aids a freshly deceased couple in haunting their old abode. Join Lydia (Isabella Esler) as she tries to untangle herself from a web of grief, fear, and spectral shenanigans. The award-winning event features a deliciously demented script, gloriously gothic set pieces, and a spine-chilling original score from singer-songwriter Eddie Perfect. All that and more played LIVE on Nebraska’s finest stage. Experience a delightful night of fright! Get those tickets now for Beetlejuice – The Musical on January 30 to February 4 at Omaha’s Orpheum Theatre. Or else.

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Say it. Say it three times. Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice. Beetlejui…

Right by the edge where the world of the living trespasses on the land of the dead, Beetlejuice – The Musical emerges to bewitch and beguile you in a fable of enchanting darkness.

“The Perfect Show for Getting Back to the Theater.” –TheatreMania

“Beetlejuice the Musical changes the perspective on being invisible.” – Culturess

“Bawdy musical anarchy.” – Sun Sentinel

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Based on Tim Burton’s 1988 film of the same name, our story follows the Maitlands, a recently deceased couple bound to a seeming state of purgatory. Together, they enlist the services of the sprightly spirit Beetlejuice in increasingly chaotic attempts to reclaim their old abode from its new residents. With ghastly antics abound, enter Lydia Deetz, a girl caught in between the death of her mother and the neglect of her father. What devilish mischief would be unleashed when these four strange souls cross each other’s paths? It’s a twisted tale of hysterical horrors and self-discovery. Stifle your screams, but keep your eyes open! Find out what powers lay inside the heart (even those that have long stopped beating).

This gothic sensation began development in 2016, releasing its first ever production in 2018 at Washington, D.C.. It then premiered on Broadway in 2019 and is now embarked on its US national tour with projected stops in June 2024.

At the helm of this horrifically hilarious production is Golden Globe and Tony Award-winning director, Alex Timbers. Together with an original score by Eddie Perfect, book by Scott Brown and Anthony King, and choreography by Connor Gallagher, Beetlejuice – The Musical will send you on a supernatural saga overflowing with charm, wit, and most of all, undying heart.

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The cast:

Sink into your seats as you listen to a serenade straight from the other side. With music and lyrics by Helpmann Award-winner Eddie Perfect, expect goosebumps on your goosebumps! Enjoy crowd favorites such as “The Whole Being Dead Thing,” “Girl Scout,” “Say My Name,” “Invisible” and more!The theatrical event also draws from some of the finest actors in the country. Watch the madness unfold as they manifest the story of Beetlejuice with spidery steps and soul-stealing vocals. Here’s the complete list of the main cast:

Supporting cast members include Michael Biren, Ryan Breslin, Juliane Godfrey, Morgan Harrison, Matthew Michael Janisse, Kenway Ho Wai K. Kua, Sean McManus, Lee N. Price, Nevada Riley, Trevor Michael Schmidt, Lexie Dorsett Sharp, Graham Stevens and Corben Williams.

And here’s the complete list of creatives involved:

“‘Beetlejuice’ elevates beyond the thrills and chills of the film.” – Attractions Magazine

“’Beetlejuice’ the Musical Can’t Help But Kill Audiences With Laughs.” – SFist

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Declaring its haunting grounds in the Broadway scene, Beetlejuice – The Musical attracted widespread acclaim from critics, audiences, and various award-giving bodies. In 2019, the show received:

Unearth the musical doppelganger of Tim Burton’s timeless classic! Watch Beetlejuice – The Musical LIVE on stage at the Orpheum Theatre from January 30 to February 4, 2024. Book your tickets now for 2 and a half hours (with 1 intermission) of grimly hysterical spectacle!
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“A hot, comically macabre ticket in town.” – Greenville Journal

“A devilish delight despite deviating from the film.” – Orlando Weekly