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Avatar: The Last Airbender in Concert

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Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Back in 2005, a generation of kids and teens got hooked on Avatar: The Last Airbender, following the journey of Aang, the world's only hope. Close to a decade since its premiere, the iconic Nickelodeon animated TV series is finding its way back to the big screen, having itself a live concert spin. AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER IN CONCERT is coming to a theater near you. Following sold-out dates in London, NYC, and San Francisco, Avatar's live symphonies expanded into a global trek with over a hundred shows in the roster. These includes major cities in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. The series' score, composed by Jeremy Zuckerman, will be brought to life by a full orchestra while memorable scenes across all seasons play on the big screen. Don't miss out on The Last Airbender in Concert right at Orpheum Theater - Omaha on Wednesday, September 11. Book your tickets now!

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Get ready to rekindle fond memories of the good ol' days of following Aang's journey as The Last Airbender, the world's only hope who can master all four elements. First aired in 2005, the Nickelodeon animated TV series became an instant hit, creating a massive following among kids and teens around the globe. To this day, the show continues to make an impact for its story and culture. As one of the most iconic animated TV series of the decade back then, it's iconic score is finally getting the grand treatment it deserves - a full orchestra! AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER IN CONCERT is coming to a theater near you!

Following sold-out shows in London, NYC, and San Francisco, the live extravaganza is heading over to a hundred shows across North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific. Composer Jeremy Zuckerman teamed up with Avatar co-creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko alongside original editor Jeff Adams to create this majestic orchestra experience for the Nickelodeon program. As a live orchestra plays familiar tunes, crowd favorites, and memorable music, iconic scenes across all three seasons will be shown on the big screen.

It's bound to be an experience you'll never forget. "Some of these compositions are over 20 years old. It didn’t occur to me then that the music would be so enduring," Zuckerman shared in a conversation with Variety. "I think its longevity is a testament to the quality of the ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ story, as much as — if not more so — to the quality of the music."

You'll be witnessing some memorable hits such as "Secret Tunnel" and "Leaves from the Vine" given a live orchestra treatment. It sure is a magical experience to hear these tunes in a new light, live on stage. Together with a group of Avatar fans in the venue, you're bound to make new friends as you cherish a moment of celebrating the series through music.

Following Aang's journey as the last Airbender, the only hope who can master all four elements - Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, the series' story got audiences across the globe hooked. Its music elevated the whole experience, helping build up the story that everyone enjoyed watching.

"Now, years later, there are so many things I wouldn’t do compositionally and creatively … In my mind, the music was being generated by an orchestra. But that was so beyond the budget. It didn’t even enter into the realm of possibility," Zuckerman told Variety. "And now here we are 20-plus years later, actually getting to hear this music performed by an orchestra, sounding close to what it would’ve been like in my 26-year-old self’s most indulgent fantasies. I’m so profoundly amazed and grateful."

Konietzko tells Variety how it's amazing to see Zuckerman's compositions be given such treatment it always deserved. For nearly two decades, fans have followed and cherished his work on the series. "We’re so proud to have it brought to life and delivered to them in such a powerful way,"

Avatar: The Last Airbender won an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Animated Program". Critics claim that the show is one of the greatest animated TV series of all time. Aired from 2005 to 2008, it's one of Nickelodeon's best-rated programs. To this day, it has a critics score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and hailed as a must-watch by various critics.

This September, the two-hour long concert experience will be kicking off its North American leg, bring fan-favorite moments back to the stage as its legendary score plays. Don't miss out on AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER IN CONCERT by booking your tickets now!

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