Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo at Orpheum Theatre

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Erth's Dinosaur Zoo at Orpheum Theatre



Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo

Orpheum Theatre

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo tickets

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience that's set to take you back to prehistoric times. This is your chance to get up and close with life-like dinosaurs, insects, and other creatures that once roamed the earth freely. Erth's Dinosaur Zoo is coming to you live, right at Nebraska in Orpheum Theater - Omaha on Friday, April 12. It's the ultimate time to play and have fun, up close with with your jarring friends dating back to 65 million years before humankind even existed. It's a highly informative, interactive, and hilarious experience with the good 'ol dinos. Having toured around the globe including jam-packed shows in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and Asia, families and kids are bound for a roarin' time. Not only are you gonna sit back and relax as the animals roar out loud, but you'll also be getting the chance to interact with the life-like creatures face-to-face. Don't miss out on Erth's Dinosaur Zoo by booking your tickets now!

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Sixty-five million years of pre-historic friends, it's all coming to you live at Erth's Dinosaur Zoo. Straight out of its home in Australia, the legendary dinos, insects, and other creatures that once roamed the earth are paying a visit to major cities in North America. Having toured this part of the earth since 2014, they've performed over 700 shows across 150 cities to date. It surely is the ultimate playdate.

If you've been looking for a unique bonding experience for the whole fambam, this is the place to be! Erth's Dinosaur Zoo LIVE is set to take your family on a breathtaking flashback to prehistoric times right at the land down under. You'll get to meet and interact with a surprisingly large collection of life-like dinos and historical creatures that once ruled our land. Before humankind existed, they were in charge. It's a thrilling theatrical experience made possible by a team of talented performers and puppeteers, and they've got the backs of professional paleontologists. This is the real deal.

Its productions are known to be extremely realistic - you might even wanna run and hide as the show begins... It surely is one heck of a roarin' time, featuring over 19 dinosaurs including Triceratops, T. Rex, Megneura, Leaellynasaura, Titanosaur, and many more. Don't be scared... it's a show that's definitely suitable for the young ones and every parent who's surely young at heart. Since its early days back in the '90s, they've grown their increasingly amazing reputation crossing over international lands for their exceptional production and creative aesthetics.

"From teeny adorable reptile babies to the monstrous carnivore that comprehensively freaked out one small volunteer, the crowd’s disbelief is suspended more than enough for us to believe we’re seeing lifelike replicas of these long-extinct beasties," Time Out shared in its review of the show.

"The highlight of the experience is when audience members are able to get up close and personal with the prehistoric creatures: to feed them, touch them, be chased by them and play with them," InDaily shared in their review of the show.

It sure is an experience like no other. Get ready to be taken back to sixty-five million years when the big and mighty creatures ruled the earth. It's all happening live on stage at Erth's Dinosaur Zoo at Orpheum Theater Omaha. Book your tickets now!

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