My Fair Lady at Orpheum Theatre

My Fair Lady Tickets

Orpheum Theatre | Omaha, Nebraska

Sing all night with the cast of My Fair Lady as the story of Eliza Dolittle and Professor Higgins grows on Tuesday 28th November 2023 at the Orpheum Theatre. Seats are in high demand so snap up yours now and ensure you will be there. My Fair Lady was opened in 1956 and the funny Eliza Doolittle has been capturing theatre lovers’ hearts for decades with her resilient attitude and funny heart. Join her on her adventure of love, melodies, honesty and class prejudice and how she deals with these challenges. Do not miss out on the classic musical My Fair Lady and book your tickets for on Tuesday 28th November 2023 at the Orpheum Theatre.

Director Bartlett Sher's last spectacular revival at this address was The King and I, which is getting ready to move to the London Palladium. He is now helming a Rolls Royce production of My Fair Lady, in Broadway's latest revival of the title since the original production. It oozes with class, glowing with confidence and teeming with delight. But Sher also retains the musical’s pertinent astringency, as it shows how Professor Henry Higgins - a stubborn mule of a confirmed bachelor linguist who treats Eliza Doolittle as little more than a project to be manipulated and re-trained - is wrong-footed when she finally melts his own surprised heart. British actor Harry Hadden-Paton brings a refreshingly youthful yet appropriately flummoxed feel to the character, and in what appears to be his first musical, carries the songs with realy conviction, too. And what better venue than the iconic Orpheum Theatre in Omaha to host this hotly anticipated musical?!

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