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One Night of Queen - Gary Mullen and The Works at



One Night of Queen – Gary Mullen and The Works

Orpheum Theatre

The spirit of Freddie Mercury is alive in One Night of Queen with Gary Mullen and The Works!!! Come and experience the closest thing to the real live experience, that you just can not get anymore! The ultimate in Queen tribute bands, One Night of Queen is a touring 2-hour stage show, paying tribute to the stage theatrics of Freddie himself, while faithfully recreating the sound, stage and lighting of several Queen tours between 1980 and 1986.

“We are trying to create something that you'll never see again because you'll never see Queen with Freddie (Mercury) or John (Deacon).” – Gary Mullen.

One Night of Queen with Gary Mullen and The Works will be live, loud and dancing across the stage at Orpheum Theater in Omaha on Thursday, August 10th 2023. Grab your tickets right here and get ready to join the crowd in belting out your favorite Queen tracks at the top of your lungs!!!

One Night of Queen is a theatrically created stage show, that has been touring the country for the last 2 decades! Performed by, the indomitable and very accurate, Gary Mullen as Freddie Mercury, and the absolutely awesome sounding band, The Works, made up of guitarist David Brockett, bassist Billy Moffat, keyboardist Malcolm Gentles, and drummer Jon Halliwell. Garry initially formed the band after winning, by a landslide, the talent show, Stars in Their Eyes, with his impeccable impersonation of Freddie. The stage show borrows from many 1980s Queen tours, using a customized light rig to re-create the staging of a classic Queen concert.

“The band was fantastic. Billy Moffat (bass), Jon Halliwell (drums), Malcolm Gentles (keyboards) and David Brockett (guitar) all embodied the musical sound of Queen. When they performed “Killer Queen,” both Jon and David had solos that would leave the original group in awe. Watching those two throughout the whole night was very entertaining. One thing I do admire about Gary Mullen is the way he interacts with the audience. He was very funny and had the whole audience on their feet. Gary also went throughout the crowd multiple times to high-five them.” - Margaret Sobotta, The Slate.

Tribute bands have been around for a long, long time, ultimately becoming a recognized phenomenon and genre during the 70s. Pundits often point to the “Beatlemania” documentary as the spark that lit the fire under tribute bands. After airing on the small screen, Beatlemania went on to play in amphitheaters and on stages across the US, instead of just one band doing several exhausting tours, in each city, the organizers would cast a different local band to play as the fab four during the show. This way, dozens of Beatles tribute bands were inadvertently created across the continental USA.

So, what are you waiting for? The real Queen and Freddie to get up and go on tour one last time??? This is literally the closest thing you’re going to get to that golden age!!! Buy some tickets, bring your friends and come along to an audiovisual feast of Queen, the only way you can.

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