Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Live In Concert at Orpheum Theatre

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Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Live In Concert

Orpheum Theatre

You want to step into the Spider-Verse? The movies are, without a doubt, gems of modern animation. They wouldn’t be the same without the music, though. At this Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse live concert at the Orpheum Theater in Omaha on Thursday 3rd October 2024 you’re going to get a chance to sneak behind the curtains and peek at how music shaped these movies. It’s all complete with projections of scenes from the films. That gives you a multi-sensory experience that you’re not going to find at a traditional classic music concert. In fact, labeling this as a classical music event is rather far off.

Fans of the films are really going to be able to enjoy this experience, of course. As mentioned, this is like watching Movie Magic audio version come to life. If you want a seat at the Orpheum Theater in Omaha on that early October night, hit the get tickets button! There aren’t too many events like this coming to town.

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What can you expect from this event? This is the question that anyone who hasn’t been to one of these screenings is going to be asking. There are other events where there’s an orchestra playing classic movie themes. The Star Wars songs get this treatment a lot. In those cases, you’ll see people in Darth Vader masks showing up to a theater next to a dude in a suit who was trying to take in the formality of an orchestra night. When it comes to this show, in particular with the Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack, yes, there’s an orchestra on stage, but formality is not present anywhere!

Daniel Pemberton, who is essentially the head “creator” or composer of the music behind these two films, will walk out on stage in baggy clothes and messy hair. He essentially leads the show. He walks the audience through each piece and what he was looking at when he was creating these mixes. It’s not just an orchestra night, by the way! They bring out the turn tables as well. What makes the show unique apart from the screening from the scenes in the movie and mix between classical music and electronic, and the guitars then … yeah, okay, plenty of things make this show unique. Also, it’s the interaction, particularly between Daniel Pemberton and the audience.

If you’re in the audience that night, you’re not only stepping into a side of the Spider-Verse that you may have never seen. You’re also stepping into the mind of Daniel Pemberton. If you’re passionate about movies or the way music is created in general, this can almost be like a master-class experience. Of course, it’s entertaining first and foremost, so you don’t have to be too deep into the theme to enjoy the night.

The modernity of this show contrasts well with the very traditional theater setting. Keep in mind that the Orpheum Theater in Omaha was built to its current condition or at least similar to it in 1927. The Italian architectural design that sees world-class opera will now catch a glimpse of Spider-Man. That blend of old and new is a cool element to the event. In any case, get your tickets as close to the orchestra as you can! That’s where you’ll enjoy the show the most. Click the get tickets button today to reserve your spot.

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