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The Lion King Tickets

Orpheum Theatre | Omaha, Nebraska

Headed straight to you this spring is the number 1 box office and Broadway hit... THE LION KING is leaping off from screen to the stage in an exciting run in Omaha, Nebraska! So brace yourselves for this outstanding Broadway musical that children and adults alike will enjoy taking part in.

Drawing the idea from the Disney movie, The Lion King, the production offers a unique experience of the crowd-favorite. All your favorite characters will be there, and of course unforgettable songs such as ”Circle of Life” and the ultimate feel-good song, “Hakuna Matata.” This is your chance to lose yourself in the spirit of the wild and get to witness the best Disney characters be brought to life. Drive to the renowned Orpheum Theatre for this show! Mark your calendars for Thursday 7th March 2024 because The Lion King will be performed live soon.

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The Disney musical epic, The Lion King, is a well-known story where everybody pretty much knows what the outcome would be. So, how did the people behind the musical create a musical that amassed over a million attendees worldwide? Director Julie Taymor reinvented the show by transforming it into something adults would appreciate. First, the contemporary music style was rearranged and given a genuine African music style. Meanwhile, the musical was one of the first to use an innovative approach in puppetry, bringing the characters to life in imaginative ways. The immense creativity and ingenuity in portraying wild animals on the stage was nothing short of awe-inspiring. The New York Times wrote about the musical’s brilliance in presenting the world of The Lion King to the stage. “There will be plenty of instances of awe-inspiring moments and artistic innovation, realized through techniques ranging from shadow puppetry to Bunraku. Certainly, nowhere before on Broadway has a stampede of wildebeests been rendered with such mesmerizing conviction. But in many ways, Ms. Taymor's vision, which is largely rooted in ritual forms of theater from Asia and Africa, collides with that of Disney.”

A Playbill article credited Taymor’s innovation, with the help of mask and costume designer Michael Curry, for the show’s longevity. “Her vision for the Pridelands of Africa is what makes the long-running show a tour de force, and that includes her work on wardrobe, marionette, and mask design.”

This 2024, you will get to see these fantastic puppets and enjoy the extraordinary music of the Lion King when you come and see the show at the Orpheum Theatre! The musical’s top-notch production and Orpheum Theatre’s cutting-edge facilities ensure that you will have a unforgettable experience! The renowned venue has hosted the most exciting shows to ever come to Omaha, Nebraska. This spring, you’ll get to enjoy the venue’s top-tier accommodations, comfortable seating, and excellent sound and light systems!

Catch the captivating production of The Lion King at the Orpheum Theatre this 2024 by securing your tickets now! The show has amassed over one billion dollars in ticket sales and has been watched by 112 million people worldwide! Yes, that number is still growing, and a testament to how this musical remains one of the unmissable and cherished masterpieces in the history of theater! Get your tickets now by clicking on the Book Now link!

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