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Orpheum Theatre | Omaha, Nebraska

The Lion King

Coming to you this spring is the top-selling box office and Broadway hit... THE LION KING is leaping off from screen to the stage in a highly anticipated run in Omaha, Nebraska! So get yourselves ready for this marvelous Broadway musical that both children and adults will enjoy seeing.

Drawing the idea from the Disney movie, The Lion King, the production offers a one-of-a-kind experience of the timeless classic. All the best characters will be there, adding to that is unforgettable songs such as ”Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” and the ultimate feel-good tune, “Hakuna Matata.” This is your chance to immerse yourselves in the spirit of the wild and get to witness all your favorite characters be brought to life. Head on to the beautiful Orpheum Theatre for this show! Mark your calendars for Wednesday 20th March 2024 because The Lion King will be live soon.

Purchase tickets for yourself and your whole family right now! Click on ‘get tickets’ to proceed with your purchase. Simba and Nala will see you soon!

When The Lion King Musical premiered on Broadway in 1997, the audience was stunned by how the musical made the 1994 animated film into an extraordinary show fit for both audiences of all ages! The music, based on the compositions from the film, has exponentially left its contemporary music origins. The musical has overhauled the tracks, giving them true African music influences.

After all, the Lion King’s story was set in the vast savannas of Africa. Besides the change of music structures, the costume and puppet designs were also breathtaking. Just how do you portray large wild animals on stage without making it cartoonish or almost childish? Apparently, Taymor has masterfully achieved this and won multiple awards for her vision. The New York Times was prompt to commend this achievement. “Ms. Taymor's vision, which is largely rooted in ritual forms of theater from Asia and Africa, collides with that of Disney, where visual spectacle is harnessed in the service of heartwarming storytelling. There will inevitably be longueurs for adults and children attending this show. But it offers a refreshing and more sophisticated alternative to the standard panoply of special effects that dominate most tourist-oriented shows today. Seen purely as a visual tapestry, there is simply nothing else like it.”

This 2024 at the Orpheum Theatre, you can expect the same standard, sophistication, and brilliance as The Lion King’s 1997 Broadway production. As mentioned by a critic from Entertainment Weekly, “The Lion King can make you become enamored by theater, no matter what theater it's in.”

Indeed, no matter how long the production has been ongoing, The Lion King remains one of the most popular musicals of all time. It’s currently recorded as Broadway’s third longest-running show, surpassing over 1 billion dollars in ticket sales. It has also been recorded that the musical has been enjoyed by over 112 million people worldwide. That number is constantly expanding due to musical enthusiasts streaming to the theaters to catch The Lion King!

So be sure not to miss out on The Lion King as it graces the Orpheum Theatre on Wednesday 20th March 2024! If you’re eager on catching Wednesday’s performance, you better tap on the Get Tickets link now!

The Lion King at Orpheum Theatre

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