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Lion King is absolutely the show of a lifetime! Apart from because it’s one of the most enduring shows ever, but also due to its incredible story and music, echoing forever in the minds and minds of those who witnessed it! The animal epic, The Lion King, has captivated the entertainment industry since its premiere on Broadway in 1997! And it’s still here today owing to insistent public demand!

This year, the touring production of The Lion King makes its phenomenal comeback and will visit all the major cities! Commencing the current season, the beloved musical makes a stop in the bustling Omaha, Nebraska! Fortunate Broadway musical fans can look forward to The Lion King’s award-winning production, music, and groundbreaking costume design!

It’s like you’re seeing a whole new world right from the comfort of your seats in the grand Orpheum Theatre! Witness this breathtaking showing on Sunday 24th March 2024 as this magnificent production lights up the stage! Select your tickets now for Sunday’s show by clicking on the Buy Tickets link!

Prepare yourself, because The Lion King is jumping onto the stage at the Orpheum Theatre on Sunday 24th March 2024! After 21 years on the road, this stunning visual spectacle remains on the move throughout North America.

Almost 30 years in the past, the Disney animated classic enthralled fans everywhere with its heartwarming narrative of perseverance and bravery as it traces Simba's adventure from his early lion cub years to his ascent to the throne as King. Incorporating Swahili and Zulu, this musical strikingly showcases 5 indigenous African languages, and the cast of performers participating is pivotal in its success.

“Seeing as The Lion King is incredibly infused with rhythms rooted in these [Gambian] traditions, keeping enthusiasm for the show is effortless," reveals Stefan Monssen, a percussionist skilled in African techniques.
Variety lavishes praise on the musical, describing it as a “new generation of felines” that continues to dominate Broadway by force. In this review, it is mentioned that the Walt Disney Company has successfully positioned itself as a formidable and daring player in the legitimate theater scene.

In a nutshell, Disney's "The Lion King" is a phenomenon, a theatrical accomplishment that exudes beauty, smartness, and creativity. The on-stage adaptation of the cherished 1994 animated film surpasses its original content in virtually every aspect, embracing remarkable visuals and compelling storytelling to the evocative score by Lebo M and the freshly African-imbued pop songs composed by Elton John and Tim Rice.

All stage shows are unmissable at the Orpheum Theatre in Omaha. With cutting-edge sound technology and a grand stage, the establishment in the state delivers the perfect setting for fully experiencing a definitive Lion King spectacle.

Do you feel it? Sense the emotions tonight! Be moved by the heart-pounding score of The Lion King Musical, and purchase your Orpheum Theatre tickets now!

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