The Sandlot – Film and Discussion with Cast at Orpheum Theatre

The Sandlot - Film and Discussion with Cast Tickets

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The Sandlot - Film and Discussion with Cast

For limited dates in June the cast of ‘The Sandlot’ will be holding special film viewings and discussions about the coming-of-age cult classic film. A big screen viewing of the film will be given to audiences followed by a special discussion of the film with cast members, with the chance for the audience to ask questions and hear stories from the stars of the film. Make sure you’re a part of the audience and book your tickets without delay. The place to be is the Orpheum Theater, Omaha and the date to save is Saturday the 24th of June 2023. Tickets are sure to be snapped up quick, so make sure you don’t miss out and secure yours now. Released in 1993 and celebrating its 30th anniversary, remind yourself of why this film hit the mark of people’s hearts and became a home run of celebrating baseball, friendship and the growing pains of adolescence.

‘The Sandlot’ has become one of the most iconic baseball films in cinematic history, and still holds a strong hold on millions of people’s hearts across the globe. Released in 1993 the film is set in 1962 and spotlights the growing pains of childhood that everyone can relate to. The film has the timeless ability to celebrate, show and not flinch away from the joys, highs, lows, wins and losses of adolescence and Baseball. The film begins with fifth-grader Scott Smalls moving to San Fernando Valley and how as the summer holidays begins, so does an adventure of a lifetime with a summer full of dreams… and a nightmarish dog that seems to be sent straight from hell. Smalls joins a group of 8 other kids playing baseball at their neighbourhood ‘sandlot’ and starts the life-long journey of learning, loving sports and forming friendship bonds that last a lifetime. The film boasts colourful characters that have remained popular, from the short-tempered Ham, snarky Squints, smart-mouthed ‘Yeah-Yeah’ McClennan, Kenny ‘the Heater’ and of course, gang leader and the neighbourhood star baseball player, Benny Rodriguez. For this limited event, the cast will be personally attending and sharing personal insights as to why this film is still poignant and stands the test of time. Starring Tom Guiry, Mike Vitar, Karen Allen, Denis Leary, and James Earl Jones, the film’s stars will also answer any burning questions the audience, including you, have. The discussions to be shared with the cast members will be a delightful interaction and how they have been influenced by their experience in filming the ‘Sandlot’ and why it is still holds great memories. They will also be sharing the funny and sometimes absurd and silly behind-the-scenes anecdotes that you won’t find or hear anywhere else! You will have a blast from the cinematic past with them, so make sure you book your tickets for 06/24/2023 at the Orpheum Theater, Omaha for. You will not regret taking that trip down memory lane with Smalls, Benny and the gang, so don’t hang around and book now for The Sandlot - Film and Discussion with Cast 30th Anniversary.

The Sandlot - Film and Discussion with Cast at Orpheum Theatre - Omaha

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