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Orpheum Theatre | Omaha, Nebraska

Tom Segura

What's more fun than kicking off your week with a fun-filled comedy evening from one of the best stand-up comics in the country today? Among the sea of comics, you might wonder who we are referring to, right? Well, if the name Tom Segura doesn't come to mind along with other great comedians, you must have yet to see real comedy. And you get to witness that this Sunday, January 21, at the Orpheum Theatre. You are in for a delightful treat as the esteemed comedian Tom Segura brings his "Come Together Tour" to the famous Nebraska venue. Known for his sharp wit and hilarious observations, Segura promises that this show is "bigger and blacker" than anything he has ever done. If you haven't been to any of his shows, this is your chance to witness his rib-tickling comedic style that will undoubtedly leave you in stitches. Don't miss your chance to laugh your way into the week and create unforgettable memories on January 21 at the Orpheum Theatre. Reserve your tickets now before they run out. Start by hitting the "Get Tickets" link.

Tom Segura's bombastic personality is a refreshing treat for a good laugh. The Ohio comedian has the grit to never stop the career train going since his first big deal in 2018, wherein he landed a TV deal with comedian Pazsitzky on CBS. But even before that, his pursuit started several years prior, with much hard work and featuring tours. His dry speech and soft humor combo are unlike any other — making him a unique rival against most comedians. The low, somewhat monotone approach with unpredictable timing catching you off guard is one of the most brilliant ways to reel an audience. He's been out and about spreading his good vibes to every audience he can reach. Get ready for the most major tour Tom Segura has ever conceived!

He's making this year's tour the most memorable experience yet! Tom Segura knows how to end and start the year through "Tom Segura: Come Together Tour." He will surely gather everyone for a side-splitting experience. He's hitting the road from the end of 2023 to the start of 2024. Everyone knows the wise jokester won't fail to get a hold of the audience's attention using the power of subtlety. Segura has perfected the right way to push your buttons, so get ready for a humorous evening.

Just in case you are living under a rock and don't know who Tom Segura is, he is also known for his famous podcast with Christina Pazsitzky. Produced by Brian Redban in 2010, "Your Mom's House" delves into topics from political discussions to commentary on unusual or shocking internet videos with both their complimenting hilarious toilet humor. Tom Segura's career began with his roles in the series "Gary Unmarried" in 2008 in CBS and "Happy Endings" in 2010. Not long before, he became known as the man behind hilarious specials like "Completely Normal" and "Ball Hog."

Don't miss out on Tom Segura's new global stand-up comedy tour, which will start its first leg in December and continue non-stop, entering early 2024. If you want a fair share of the famous storyteller and observant, witty comedian, he'll be at the Orpheum Theatre on the 21st of January to gather the audience and welcome the year right. Get your tickets now!

Tom Segura at Orpheum Theatre

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