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Orpheum Theatre omaha Moulin RougeWhat could be better than a story of romance between a bohemian writer and a showgirl? Absolutely nothing! And guess what – Moulin Rouge! offers exactly that. The good news is, Moulin Rouge! is making its way to Omaha, Nebraska! Ladies, buckle up because this show is going to take you on a sparkly ride.

Moulin Rouge! opened on Broadway with a whopping 10 Tony Award wins, including Best Musical. Everything about the production is absolutely blinding and breathtaking in the best ways. The stage itself is transformed into one of the most extravagant set designs you will ever see in live theatre – making Moulin Rouge! a must-see for everyone.

This is your chance to witness the wonders of Moulin Rouge! The show will run at the Orpheum Theatre – Omaha from the 28th of May to the 9th of June, 2024. Tickets are on sale right now, secure yours right now just because you can-can-can!

Moulin Rouge Tickets:

“a crystal-studded, heart-shaped, hopelessly romantic fantasyland.” New York Stage Review

“a wildly entertaining adaptation of Baz Luhrmann’s 2001 movie.” – USA Today

“serves up some suitably visual and aural splendours.” – Telegraph

Moulin Rouge tickets

Fans watching on screen were enthralled by the love story of a writer and a showgirl before Moulin Rouge! opened on Broadway. Moulin Rouge! is based on the 2001 movie written and directed by Baz Luhrmann. The movie musical starred Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, and Jim Broadbent, along with John Leguizamo and Richard Roxburgh. The movie was an international success, garnering unending praise and multiple awards. It received eight nominations at the 74th Academy Awards – winning two, including Best Costume Design and Best Production Design. The movie was a commercial success, grossing over triple its initial budget. To this day, critics debate that Moulin Rouge! is one of the best movies of all time – and definitely the best movie of the 2000s. Now, it has been turned into a Broadway production which gives fans a refreshing yet still-bedazzled experience. .

Moulin Rouge! the musical is a stage show unlike any other. As USA Today describes it, “Imagine Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” but as a steamy Spanish tango. Now imagine that’s been mashed up with Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army,” and vigorously performed by a group of hot-blooded bohemians in early 1900s Paris.”

The director and choreographer keep the stage buzzing with lively movement, and the designers crank up the color and glitz to the highest possible level. Additionally, you’ll be exposed to a diverse selection of pop music that will have you singing along the entire time. The Broadway production of Moulin Rouge! the Musical plays up to its moniker as the “spectacular spectacular”.

“One of the liveliest shows on Broadway!” – Deadline

“both intoxicating and exhausting in its unrelenting visual and sonic assault.” – Hollywood Reporter

“a musical so visually gorgeous and vibrantly performed.” –

Moulin Rouge at Orpheum Theatre

The musical follows the same musical score used for the Moulin Rouge! movie, which includes songs by Elton John, Madonna, and David Bowie. Some changes have been added though. The Broadway production still includes several of the most well-known songs from the film, such as “Lady Marmalade,” but many more have been added. Moulin Rouge! the Musical has 70 songs in all, many of which are only heard in brief excerpts. Numerous of these songs are chart-toppers from the years following the debut of the Moulin Rouge! movie, giving the production a modern edge. Many well-known tracks, such as John’s “Your Song,” The Police’s “Roxanne,” and Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” will still be instantly recognizable to the audience.

Entertainment Weekly had a solid good time at Moulin Rouge! the musical. The writer had nothing but good things to say, including a brief excerpt of what the show had to offer. Here’s what was written: “A lot of the film version of Moulin Rouge relies on the audience buying into Satine and Christian being so wildly in love, and believing it when she comes to choose her tragic fate. In this stage show, however, the love story can’t always compete with its splashy surroundings. We can see Christian’s angst and Satine’s pain, but flashy dance numbers and karaoke-favorite tunes envelop 2 hours and 35 minutes of the show, making the emotional moments take a back seat to the artistry on display. And yet, much of it still works.”

This is your time to shine brighter and live louder! Moulin Rouge! is headed to your city. Mark you calendars for this exciting run – this Broadway spectacular is simply unmissable! Brace yourselves for Moulin Rouge! as the set transforms the Orpheum Theatre – Omaha into a marvelous place – perfect for showgirls. The show will run from the 28th of May to the 9th of June, 2024, so you have enough time to prepare to witness one of the best musicals ever!

Get ready to sing, dance, and vibe along to the catchy pop hits and immerse yourselves in the story of Moulin Rouge! Tickets are on sale right now. Don’t think! Secure your spots to the show as soon as you can because the show is running for a very limited time – experience a Parisian nightclub like never before.

Moulin Rouge Orpheum Theatre omaha