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pretty woman musical at orpheum  theaterStepping out of the screen into Broadway, Pretty Woman is walking down streets near you! Presented by Crossroads Live, Pretty Woman – The Musical will start showing at the Orpheum Theatre in Omaha next spring from April 16th to April 21st. Follow the revamped story of a business tycoon and a prostitute – an unlikely couple whose lives turn around as they find comfort in each other’s company, with the heroine now written to be a more robust and independent character! This star-studded stage adaptation features a top-tier group of artists, including Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams and his songwriting partner Jim Vallance, in charge of the production’s score with direction and choreography from two-time Tony recipient Jerry Mitchell. Watch the biggest new musical at the Orpheum Theatre, the home of the finest performing arts in Omaha for generations! Purchase your tickets now and see Vivian and Edward’s whirlwind romance story live!

Pretty Woman – The Musical Tickets:

“It’s an old-school feelgood Cinderella and Prince Charming fantasy.” – Time Out

“The musical hits all the beats of the beloved film.” – Time Out

“A smart, sweet spot somewhere between nostalgic retro romanticism.” – Chicago Tribune

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Pretty Woman: The Musical is a live modern retelling of the original film released in the early nineties, which won the People’s Choice for Favorite Comedic Movie and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. With Richard Gere and Julia Roberts originally starring as the leading couple, the plot follows a romantic comedy that starts with business vulture Edward Lewis hiring Vivian Ward, a street-smart prostitute, to be his escort for a week.

Roy Orbison’s iconic “Oh, Pretty Woman” plays on-screen as Vivian undergoes a big makeover, begins to attend social events, and connects with high-class names. However, looming judgments and personal insecurities continue to threaten their unlikely relationship. With this, the couple is forced to confront their vulnerabilities, ultimately making a choice that will make or break their relationship and shape their lives.

Initially, the show’s world premiere was held at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago, running from 13th March to 15th April five years ago. Shortly after, the musical celebrated its official opening on Broadway at the Nederlander Theatre on 16th August of the same year. The show has a running time of two hours and thirty minutes, including a fifteen-minute intermission.

The score features songs by award-winning rock artist Bryan Adams and his writing partner Jim Vallance. In a Grammy interview, the two mentioned that they started campaigning to write the record when they first heard that the hit movie was about to be made into a musical. “Basically, we did an audition,” Adams said. “Jim and I wrote three songs which we thought would be appropriate for the stage, and then we met with the producers, and it was one of those classic scenarios where, ‘Okay, you guys need to leave the room so we can talk about you, and we’ll call you, don’t call us.’ And then, half an hour later, I got a call.”

“The big and occasionally bombastic stage adaptation has fun, flashy pep.” – The San Diego Tribune

“Entertaining songs, dances, and dialogue from start to finish.” – Courier Journal

The entire route and the main cast have recently been announced for the North American Tour, which launches this September in Utica, New York, at The Stanley Theatre. The production will continue to play across forty cities across the United States before concluding at Scranton in May next year.

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See the full main cast of the North American tour of Pretty Woman: The Musical here:

The rest of the cast includes Matthew Blum, Brianna Clark, Vincent Diperi, Lauren Esser, Charlie Fusari, Steven Gagliano, Justin Glass, Christian Maxwell Henry, Alexandra Kinsley, Joshua Kring, Bethany Mcdonald, Robert Miller, Hank Santos, Taylor M. Sheppard, Devyn Trondson, Elana Valastro and Channing Weir.

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When interviewed regarding the spin on the musical, Vivian’s actress emphasizes how there is a stronger plot line for the heroine as she turns away from the money not once but twice in this version. “There’s a really big emphasis on the fact that she is her own person, and she is the one who rescues Edward. It fits modern times, and it is interesting to see how people don’t want to see that. But it’s interesting and really does hit home and help empower women, that’s for sure.”

Best known for his work on Legally Blonde: The Musical, two-time Tony Award winner Jerry Mitchell will lead the group as the show’s director and choreographer. The full list of creatives can be seen below:

The rest of the creatives team includes Michael Keller, Michael Aarons, Randy Cohen, DB Bonds, Rusty Mowery, Thomas Recktenwald, and Kathy Fabian, with The Telsey Office for Casting, Allied Global Marketing for Tour Press & Marketing and Full Stage Productions LLC as the Technical Supervisors.

“Much more truthful and affecting.” – Variety